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Wasatch Commercial Management (Wasatch) is a commercial real estate company that owns, manages, acquires and develops premier commercial real estate properties across the western United States. Wasatch manages over 3,000,000 square feet of commercial office and retail properties owned by affiliated entities throughout Utah, California, and Washington.

Wasatch's portfolio has attracted distinguished tenants including major financial institutions, energy and utility companies, national retailers and professional services corporations. Wasatch's holdings draw quality credit tenants that have maintained long-term leases with Wasatch.

Wasatch Commercial Management is a part of the Wasatch Group, a consortium of real estate oriented companies dedicated to property management, development, acquisition and finance. Wasatch Group companies strive to be innovative, adaptable, and aggressive in their respective business models. While each Wasatch Group company operates independently, their affiliation with Wasatch Group provides a synergy of expanded reach, shared experience and increased opportunities. Wasatch Group is comprised of privately held companies with over 200 individual investors.


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