"It takes many talented hands to make a project like this happen. We've been fortunate to have support and assistance from Logan City, Wasatch Regional Builders, Architectural Nexus, and Zions Bank to get us where we are today."

-President Dave Jenkins

The Client
Founded in 2000, Conservice is now one of the largest utility management and billing companies in the United States, offering a suite of solutions that are designed specifically for multifamily, government, student housing, military, and single family markets. Conservice employs over 400 individuals and has numerous awards for excellence and growth.

The Need
Conservice is a rapidly expanding business that was in need of support for growing personnel that could not be accommodated in their existing space. Conservice began planning for future growth needs as their company continued to expand and sought out Wasatch Property Management to provide solutions for their specific needs. Conservice prioritized running its building at the highest level of efficiency, keeping their environmental impact in mind.

The Solution
Wasatch Regional Builders and Architecture Nexus designed and built the new Conservice building keeping low costs and energy efficiency as top priority. The new building demonstrates numerous cutting edge conservation practices which results in dramatic energy savings in a number of ways. Geothermal water will cool the building during summer months while solar energy is used to heat water to warm the building and culinary water, providing another clean source of energy generation. LED and high efficiency lighting is used throughout the building to provide far more sustainable and long-lasting lighting to the office. Advanced lighting controls and other computer managed run-time limits further reduce energy consumption. Finally, the building is positioned in a way that minimizes summertime sun impact, with strategic sunshades that block the heating effects of the sun. High efficiency windows have also been added to areas of the building exposed to direct sunlight. The new building is projected to consume only 15 percent of the energy of similar buildings of the same size in summer months. The energy savings sets precedence in Northern Utah for green construction. The 44,000 square foot project began in May of 2011 and was finished in February of 2012 on budget. The new building is home to 160 of the 400 Conservice employees.